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Kino Haus Films


Photography Services

With a keen focus on event coverage, portraits, automotive, and architectural photography, we're here to encapsulate every moment and subject with finesse.

Featured Images: We’ve carefully selected a diverse range below, showcasing the breadth of what we offer.

Events we have covered include: 


Photography is a game-changer for businesses and institutions, no matter if they're marketing products, educating audiences, documenting events, or telling stories. It's like a universal language that breaks down barriers and grabs attention globally.

Automobile Launches

Live Music

Convocation Ceremony

Graduation Show

Fashion Exhibition


Launch Parties

Types of Photography Services We Offer


Event Photography

Capturing moments at convocation ceremonies, graduation shows, corporate events, conferences, launch parties and other special occasions.


Portrait Photography

Taking professional portraits of models, individuals, families, couples, and pets either in-studio or on-location.


Commercial Photography

Creating images for commercial purposes such as advertising, product photography, and corporate headshots.


Fashion Photography

Shooting fashion models, clothing, and accessories for advertisements, magazines, and fashion brands.


Architectural Photography

Photographing buildings, interiors, and architectural structures for real estate, construction, and design purposes.


Automotive Photography

Taking photos of automobiles, motorcycles, and other vehicles for advertising, editorial, and promotional purposes.


Fine Art Photography

Creating artistic and expressive images for galleries, exhibitions, and personal collections.


Documentary Photography

Documenting real-life events, social issues, and cultural phenomena for journalistic, educational, and historical purposes.

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