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Kino Haus Films


Freelance Cinematographer

Company Description

Kino Haus Films is a video production company based in New Delhi, specializing in developing unique films for agencies, brands, and artists. Since 2012, our team has been passionate about every aspect of the filmmaking process, from creative development to the smallest details. We have worked with companies of all sizes around the world and are committed to delivering high-quality video solutions.

Role Description

This is a remote freelance contract role at Kino Haus Films. The Cinematographer will capture and craft visually compelling footage for various types of projects, including films, commercials, documentaries, and promotional content. This role involves translating creative concepts into visual storytelling through expert camera operation, lighting, and composition.

What We're Looking For

  • Cinematic Excellence: We're in search of a cinematographer who can capture breathtaking visuals and create a cinematic experience for our viewers. Your work should speak for itself in terms of composition, lighting, and camera movement.

  • Equipment Proficiency: Proficiency in working with professional camera equipment, stabilizers, and lighting setups is essential. Knowledge of various camera systems is a plus.

  • Storytelling Skills: A great cinematographer is also a storyteller. Your ability to align your visual storytelling with the project's narrative is crucial.

  • Collaborative Spirit: We value teamwork and effective communication. You should be able to collaborate seamlessly with directors, producers, and the rest of the crew to achieve the desired vision.

  • Adaptability: Projects may vary in style and requirements, so adaptability and versatility are key. Whether it's a documentary, corporate video, or commercial, you should be up for the challenge.


  • Proven experience as a cinematographer with a diverse portfolio showcasing a range of projects, including narrative films, commercials, and documentaries.

  • Proficiency in camera operation, lighting techniques, and scene composition.

  • Strong understanding of visual storytelling principles and cinematic techniques.

  • Excellent attention to detail and the ability to deliver high-quality footage under various conditions.

  • Good communication skills and the ability to work collaboratively in a team environment.

  • Flexibility to adapt to different shooting environments and project requirements, including travel as needed.

  • Knowledge of post-production processes and the ability to work with editors to achieve desired results.

How to Apply

If you're excited to bring your cinematography skills to our team, please send the following to :



Subject Line: Freelance Cinematographer


1. Your Resume/CV: Highlight your experience as a cinematographer, including any relevant projects and technical skills.


2. Showreel or Portfolio: Share a link to your showreel or portfolio that showcases your best work. Highlight any specific projects that demonstrate your versatility.


3. Availability: Let us know your availability and your willingness to travel if necessary.


4. Rate Expectations: Share your expected daily or project-based rate.


5. A Brief Introduction: Tell us about yourself, your passion for cinematography, and why you'd be a valuable addition to our team.


We look forward to welcoming talented freelance cinematographers who share our dedication to visual storytelling.


Join us in crafting unforgettable visual narratives that leave a lasting impression!

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